Home renovation

Entering the Sydney, Inner West housing market is no small feat. It isn’t so much finding the house you love, rather finding the house you can afford in the place you want to live. After a very long search over a number of years we are in! and have learnt a few things already as we start our renovation on our sturdy, soon to be beautiful (the eternal optimist) new home.

Kid Wrangling

The first service you need to set up after electricity is the internet, Without marvellous Netflix there is a very good chance we would have lost/accidentally maimed/gone berserk at our 3 kids. The incredible thing with our girls is we can throw a mattress anywhere in the world in any condition and they will happily watch a movie for hours. Awesome, a little disturbing? yes, but awesome all the same.

Another fabulous thing about kids is they love to help, (With the bonus being, they can only ever be bothered helping for 10 minutes max) Our girls were great little renovators, they had a ball, were well chuffed with the results and cleaned up reasonably well too.

Finally, I would recommend stock piling alcohol, the amount of times beautiful thoughtful friends and family took our children away from the chaos has been incredible, they all deserve many bottles of child recovery liquor.


Through heated discussions, my husband and I have finally come to an agreement. One regular coffee every alternate day for ongoing tradies is acceptable, sugar should always be provided and biscuits help with change of plan requests. never provide large lattes to removal people mid move. NEVER. Consider yourself warned.

Also, please be warned that tradies treat all job sites as job sites. Unless you are showered and dressed before 7.30am, there is every chance the whole team will see you in your knickers as you dash to your makeshift bedroom.

Let it go

Parts of the house You thought so awful you couldn’t bare it at time of purchase become increasingly acceptable the more time you are homeless/out of pocket… Unless it’s yellow textured glass. I’m not sure that one will ever make a come back (Check out the excellent pattern explosion here!)

Windows you wished to change immediately become far too expensive to trump paying for the plumbing, and keeping the house clean with sanding going on is literally impossible, it gets EVERYWHERE. Just get used to walking around looking frighteningly pale. Fair to say we have eaten a lot of takeaways lately.

Back yourself

While letting go helps on many levels, you should always back your intuition. If you aren’t happy with the paint colour you have chosen. Change it. Immediately. The price of a new tin is not worth staring at the wrong colour for eternity, and eternity it will feel like, as a wall repaint will find itself way waaaayyyy down on the list of priorities. Look at it this way, you will very soon know half the staff at Bunnings by name anyway, so you may as well have an ongoing joke about that magenta nightmare whenever you pass the painting isle as you head down to plumbing.

Wonderful phone cameras

Your mobile photo album is no longer predominantly this…

but now this… because a photo is so much more reliable than a small ripped bit of loose wallpaper with a paint brand illegibly scrawled on it.

Smile and wave

Currently we are the neighbours no one likes, our tools are noisey, and all our old armchairs we bought in the days we imagined ourselves as restorers are sitting on the front porch like some kind of sad uni flat because the floors are still hardening and there isn’t anywhere else to put them. I am sure they are wondering how we can still be living out of suitcases when we have been there everyday for the past month. My approach is to look very busy and in control and off to a very important meeting giving no inkling of the nightmare inside, then I hide in my car to watch something awesome and educational on Facebook


Old houses don’t tend to be very warm, Old houses without heating are cold and old houses with a dodgy power board that trips the fuse every time you turn a column heater on are really very cold indeed. Currently this home’s inhabitants are much like this home, more functional than fashionable.

Internet Surfing Joy

You at least can now become a master of pinterest and avid follower of renovation blogs. Check out this beauty line up of Australian Renovation blogs. Sure it can get depressing when your house couldn’t replicate any one of the gorgeous houses even if you were money bags, but hopefully it will inspire too!

As for kids bedrooms, check out some of our ideas of beautiful children’s rooms on pinterest here And don’t forget to look at some of our beautiful decor in store.


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New on our shelves are more Tiger Tribe (including Petit Collage) and Glottogon, just in time for stocking filling! We love the beautiful additions such as the Animals and babies memory cards, the scallywag pirates (and mermaids) that will keep your little ones occupied in the bath, and some fabulous new puzzles from the fabulous world map, to an astronaut with an awful lot of swagger

collage glot tt

Glottogon and Tiger Tribe, because kids appreciate beautiful design too!

We still have a great range of Children’s clothing inluding the much loved Hux Baby, Perfect modern casuals by Baobab and our new Well Spotted Tees, Great gifts for your little ones. We also love our new – fabulously affordable and super cool brand, Five Little Faces. Who says girls can’t be pirates!




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And the little one said is boutique online children’s clothing, accessories, toys and home decor website that specialises in beautiful, stylish and quality products, mainly sourced from small local Australian and New Zealand businesses.  And the little one said is run by two sisters, originally from New Zealand but now happily living in Sydney’s inner west.  They have 6 children between them and a love of all things creative and beautiful.


5 reasons to love Little Tyro

I used to be that smug mum that thought her 1st child was gifted – clearly. She could recite the alphabet and write her own name with a little heart over the i! It was when I met the kid in her Kindergarten class that could count in multiples of seven, I realised I had no idea. Continue reading

Christmas Gift Guide Kids 3-5 Years

Here’s a rather delayed but still time to order gift guide for 3 – 5 year olds. We have a few in this age group and it’s fair to say it’s a temperamental age but we have some pretty solid gift ideas that can help you out of a pickle.

20_original 35

Flatout Frankie.
These guys get kids and have obviously not forgotten the power and wonder of a childs imagination. so easy and fun and I love that it encourages children to create the game rather than be fed it. We also have their latest offerings, the stack up dolls. my 3 year old gave them a crack this morning and adored them…

collage 35

Flatout Frankie Little unicorn head $29.50, Little racer $49.50, Stack up dolls $23.00 & Little roar head $29.50.

Kids in this age group are awesome learners, growers and love to puzzle things out.  It’s a great time to get them interested in words and writing and puzzles are always a huge hit,  Educational games by Little Tyro have been created by a lovely Melbourn teacher & Mum.  She has created games that are bright and interactive and give kids a fun way to develop their skills.

little tyro

Help support the correct formation and directional flow of letters with Little Tyro Pre writing patterning cards $19.95. Teach your child numbers with Number bingo $22.95. Teach months, dates, weather, counting, sequencing and number recognition with My learning calendar $20.95 and Use the playful Magnetic ‘Big Top Circus’ $19.95 Activity is a fun and creative learning tool that promotes confidence in Speaking and Listening.

A lovely stocking filler is the Tiger tribe inflatable globe. only $9.95 and sure to appeal to both the curious and the rambunctious.


Glottogon Puzzles and games are perfect for keeping the kids happy while on holiday!


Glottogon Ballerina people puzzle $24.95, Pets Domino $27.50, Robot people puzzle $24.95, Vrrooom Memory match $24.95, Knights & Dragons alphabet cards $29.95.

Another great brand that keeps the kids busy is Tiger Tribe, with colouring packs and games, all beautifully designed with gorgeous colours and excellent quality.


Sevi is a brand established in Italy, they have been creating wonderful hand made wooden toys since 1831.  These gifts will last a life time and there is something special in giving a wooden toy, they seem to get better with age.  Great interactive toys like the construction airplane are sure to be a hit, The puzzle clock makes learning fun and the flute…  well, that might be for nephews and nieces. and despite the noise, they are always loved by little ones.


Sevi Construction kit airplane $59.95, Puzzle clock $74.95 , Wooden flute $24.95.

And for those little ones obsessed with fire engines, it’s hard to go past the Snurk duvet covers.  Beautiful cotton with fabulous crisp images of a Fireman $159.95, Astronaut $159.95 and a Trampoline now only $75 for those willing to take on the challenge.

And for the more romantic… Haveli not only create stunning summer cotton hand printed clothing, they have a gorgeous line of linen. Starting at $48.00

Mahal Bedding Compressed_1


We still have time to get your orders to you before Christmas so order quick.  We also offer express post to get it with you in a few days time!  Happy Shopping!


And the little one said is a boutique online website that offers beautiful, stylish and quality made children’s clothing, accessories, toys & home decor.  Mainly smaller Australian and New Zealand designers and stockists – all carefully handpicked by us.  Because everyone needs a little style.