About Us

Like a lot of Mum’s out there, we love dressing our children in gorgeous clothes – it’s much more fun than dressing ourselves!  For one they usually fit everything, and for another, they seem to be able to wear almost any colour and look cute at the same time – very unfair.

We are also completely envious of those clever people out there that design and produce beautiful clothing, clever craft, toys that last, pretty sparkly jewellery, you name it.  So in our great wisdom, we decided to create our own online store, and stock all these clever people’s beautiful things.  It’s called ‘And the little one said‘ and we’d love you to take a look.

As for us, Toni and Gail, we are sisters originally from Wellington (that’s the one in New Zealand), but are now happy little bunny’s in Sydney’s Inner West. We decided to ditch the corporate life as basically trying to look after what seems like millions of kids (3 each to be precise), juggled with the challenges of a big city job with all its stresses just got too hard (hats off to those that manage it!).  We love it though!  Nothing like a little creativity in our otherwise busy, school lunchbox, nappy training, looking for dinner inspiration filled lives.

So we hope this blog will help you understand a little bit about us and our busy, mad, hilarious, scary, normal lives.  Fingers crossed you’ll enjoy and identify with some of the things we love and write about too.

Please forgive us in advance if we go off track sometimes.  We aren’t journalists and our Mother is often appalled at our terrible spelling, but we are going to try our best and hopefully get better as we go.  Wish us luck!

Toni & Gail xx


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