Why join a book club?

First of all, this is desperately late, I have written other posts but they were pitiful and I didn’t want our 3 readers to have to go through that… Unfortunately this is about reading which is never interesting to read about so possibly this is worse.

Secondly, I am actually supposed to be at my book club now so am feeling rather glum for having had to miss it.

Last week was book week at my daughters school. She went as Heidi, and was quite easily the cutest little Heidi you have ever seen (possibly biased). Book week is an annual event organised by the Children’s Book Council of Australia. Encouraging kids to read, all kids, and providing books to those without.

My girls love some pretty random stuff, horrors and fairy tales, pirates and princesses, and it’s pretty obvious how important it is to enjoy what you read. especially when you are just starting out.  I hope they have a life long love for books… with gems like these the odds are in their favour.

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I probably lost my way a little in high school where I found Jane Eyre insanely dull.  Fortunately I wasn’t put off for too long

Such as…

  • The time I didn’t want to sound like an ignorant pillick at University (ie. reading all the books I was supposed to read at school but ended up just reading the cliffsnotes)
  • The time the bus/train trip to and from work in London allowed me to read a couple of books a week (lets be honest, largely the Harry Potter series)
  • When I passed 8 book selling vendors on walk home from work (reading some of the classics)
  • The time I was desperate for friends and joined a book club in the hopes of drinking more.


when I first arrived in Sydney I was introduced to one person in the area who very kindly invited me to her book club.  I joined because I didn’t know a soul, I wanted to be social, I wanted to get out of the house and I wanted to drink lots of wine, having just stopped feeding woohoo!

What I didn’t expect was to fall in love with books.

What an utterly self-indulgent delight to read a good book, so much more so now we have kids! ‘Me’ time is practically non existent!

It helped that my first book club book was ‘The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society’ by Mary Ann Shaffer, Annie Barrows .  I am sure many found fault with it but I found it utterly charming, and perfect for my first read to ease me back in.

We have read some wonderful books and some truly atrocious books over the last year or so but here is why everyone should belong to a book club, not least because of the new friends.

  • I love that I am ‘required’ to read a book each month (I’m hopeless without a time frame)
  • We have covered so many different genres! Had I not been part of this group I wouldn’t have considered reading most of the books.
  • I have something other than children to talk about in social situations – hallelujah!
  • The discussions are great! Enlightening, tense and hilarious. I love a good bit of banter.
  • I am learning all sorts of crazy stuff (history, politics, pie recipes)
  • I’m pretty sure my girls watch my every move – lead by example.
  • I sleep, beautifully when I’m in the middle of a good book (although usually having stayed up far too late.)

and if the book club calls for a little wine. well then, that’s nice too.

So tonight’s book was Bill Bryson, A walk in the woods.

What are you reading?