The Loveliness of Slice

I was going to write about my rather bumbling existence of late but I decided that it’s just me complaining and then I over thought it and got all flustered and so I did the only sensible thing and made tan square.

Tan square is a little piece of home, it’s caramel loveliness with chocolate chips and I am going to write a post about it because it’s more agreeable than a post about my child’s toilet training issues.
Here’s the recipe, and here’s the picture of what it is supposed to look like.  I’m not showing you mine. It’s a tad over done because SOMEBODY wanted me to proof something then got all distracted making tea. Sheesh.  I am eating my way through said slice as I type though and it appears a little extra tanning doesn’t hurt in the slice world.
180g Butter
90g Sugar
1/2 t Vanilla
300g Flour
1 t Baking powder
1/2 C Choccie chips
Tin of condensed milk
90g Butter
2 T Golden syrup
Set oven to 180 ⁰C
Cream butter and sugar then add vanilla essence
Stir in flour and baking powder
Press 2/3 of the mixture into a lined slice tin and press down, put in oven while you make the caramel.
Combine all of the caramel ingredients into a pot over a med heat and stir until thick.
Pour over slice and smooth.
Add remaining base by crumbling over top of the caramel
Finish by sprinkling chocolate chips over top
approx 20 min cooking time
Image To be honest this is my ‘go to’  It satisfies all my sugar cravings and is pretty solid for the slice tin if anyone decides to visit.  I have awesomely taken a photo of the butter in a separate bowl to display butter? Very helpful. It is now driving me mad as I abhor unnecessary use of kitchen tools.  The less to clean the better.
I also have a love of my hand whisk.  My old electric beater got to the stage where I broke into a sweat whenever I plugged it in, as I was pretty much guaranteed a nasty shock.  Once I threw that away I avoided another for a year, which is impressive considering the amount of cakes and pies I make.  We now have a fancy new shiny red one but a week after it’s purchase, two of my girls took off with a whisk attachment and the wooden spoon to lick, and they were never to be seen again.  A nice lady at the information centre sent me a free replacement but it was the wrong side and I haven’t the heart to tell her, so I’m back to the whisk.  It’s quite satisfying doing it by hand I find, but pavlova – forget it.
Alright, here is my burnt version, complete with knife showing tell tale signs of a finger swiping for melted chocolate.
and now I get to sit with my tea and my twelfth piece of slice as I start sorting some of our photo attempts for the new Baobab and Fox & Finch winter clothing … attempts being the operative word.  Image
Does anyone else have an awesome feel-good baked treat they want to share with us?



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