Party time!

I don’t know about you, but for me, organising a child’s birthday party is a major undertaking.

My daughter turned the big 5 so I guess it’s only fair to have a party for such a momentous occasion!   It’s a right of passage isn’t it?

Her birthday is very early in the year, so difficult when you just start a new school – not quite enough time to make new friends.  Consequently we invited all the girls in her class (as well as a few boys thrown in for luck), and all her old friends from last year at preschool.  Very quickly we had 23 kids.  Arrghh!

Quick, hire the local community hall (yay!) and then I needed to start thinking about how to entertain them for 2 hours!  I could have gone down the hired princess/fairy/musician/animal tamer theory, but left it pretty late, so madly thought I can do this myself!

Craft!  That’s what’s needed.  Quick Google Kids craft idea’s and we’re off.  We ended up with pet rocks, animal masks, brown paper bag faces and multiple options for drawings.  We roped in my almost 8-year-old daughter and sister to do face painting (they were all lining up – always a hit, although some of the requests were a bit abstract – I want to be a fox please – oooookkkay, how do you draw a fox again??)  We also had the usual kids party food, sugary stuff, cupcakes, mini hot dogs and several fruit platters to see if we couldn’t balance out the bad with the good.  Parents got my favourite go to nibbles – mini quiches made a week before and frozen.  Yummy.

We managed to get away with only a couple of games – musical statues, what’s the time Mr Wolf and Duck, Duck, Goose –all the parents out there will know these beauties like the back of you hand.  Then of course the dilemma, whether to open the presents or not.  Hmmm, on one hand kids love to see their gifts being opened – and it does take up a good chunk of time!  On the other, you have no chance of writing down who gave what present so you can do personalised thank you’s.  And worse, you have to watch your perfectly pleasant child turn into a monster as she rips open her stack of presents with reckless abandonment, throwing aside one carefully picked present for the next goodie in the pile.  Fairly horrific.  Might not do that next time….

Anyway, thank goodness that’s over!  Sammy had a wonderful time and was exhausted afterwards, always a sure sign that it went well.

Now for the next one – only a month away – a first birthday party followed two days later by a 8 years olds birthday party (we didn’t time that very well).  Her request?  A slumber party for 8 girls.  Hmmm, not sure what is worse!

Wish me luck.




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