Morning Mama

This morning my beautiful 2 year old woke me very early by gently stroking my arm and quietly, sweetly saying “morning Mama”

I picked her up, gave her a cuddle and pulled her into bed with me  3…2…1…
This lasted some time, and through some excellent negotiation (fog horn in the ear) I got up to get it for her.  It wasn’t until I returned that I noticed my husband had been awake for the entire episode reading highlights from last nights cricket – that is of course presuming he slept at all having gone to bed doing the same thing.
I muttered something rather unbecoming and promptly took myself to the beach
We leave Christchurch today, just me and our 3 girls while my husband stays behind for a further week catching up with friends and heading to his annual boys weekend which may have something to do with why he was greeted with the bird from me this morning
Not much compares to a stroll on the beach, to fill the senses, clear the head and get a short sharp reality check, no one can deny Sydney’s beaches are utterly stunning, but I have always missed Christchurch’s beaches, despite the grey sand, cold water and rather persistent, rather chilly coastal breeze, you are allowed to take your dog there and throw a stick for hours, that has to be the greatest leveller I know.
That and riding a miniature horse
We have been pretty spoilt on this trip so far. The food has been amazing and we have been so lucky with the weather.  The wedding we attended was flawless with possibly the kindest, warmest bunch of people I have ever met… and the prettiest little flower girl in the land.
Off to Wellington now for lots of coffees, fishing with Granddad and some bush trekking (these kids need to be hiked up and down a few mountains)
Speaking of coffee, the cafe I am in has this poster..
It’s still pretty tough in Christchurch, they are all such heroes for just getting on with it after the earthquakes, and making sure the people around you are ‘all right’ is high on the agenda..
All the tags have been taken except one, it reads “you’re awesome at ………….”
I’m pretty sure I will remember something my cricket mad husband with selective hearing is awesome at by the time I finish this coffee.

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