How rare is a weekend away without kids? Very.

For our 15th wedding anniversary, we managed a quick trip away on our own.  Sans kids, no kids, without kids  – woohoo!  Since number three kid made an appearance last year, i’d forgotten what that feels like.

We managed to farm out the kids, two to friends and the baby and dog to my long suffering sister.

I always find getting ready to go the hardest part – no different this time.  Morning was madness.  Dropped off my baby boy, big kisses and cuddles and prayers we wouldn’t crash and never see him again.  Luckily girls had gone night before.  Airport was caotic, when is it not.  Running late, we were almost at the end of the line only to be faced with a family of 4 with carseats, prams, portacot, suitcases (you know the drill) in one lane, a couple arguing over something in another (they weren’t going anywhere in a hurry you could tell) and would you believe it the petit demur looking women in front of us with a instrument case turned out to be part of a band – the whole 8 of them turning up loaded with a trolley of instruments and bags.  Argghhh!!  We finally made it on and off we went to Tassie.  Hobart.  First time.  Could not wait.

Hobart it turns out is lovely!  I was expecting a lot of green because everyone says it reminds them of NZ, but no, not much green at all.  Very Aussie with lots of gum trees, and the dry tan landscape going for miles but with lots of hills and sparkling water.  Very pretty.

We headed straight for Salamanca markets, had a wander and had a very nice lunch at Smolt (highly recommend!).  Then up the stairs to Battery Point – gorgeous old houses, lots of history hiding there I bet and then off to our lovely, ‘what the hell we’ll splash out’, hotel.  That night we decided just to go out to the bars together – who ever does that anymore?  In our house it’s one goes out the other stays home or the rare going out together is for an actual occasion to justify the babysitting cost.   Certainly never to just pop out to the pub together!

We had a ball.  Actually talked.  Drank too much.  Praised ourselves for having such gorgeous kids, and woke up the next morning with a hangover.  Success.

Trip to Peppermint Bay and around the point was on the agenda the next day, having already visited the farmers market.  Wonderful food!  My husband was in love with the ‘wild caught Rabbit pie’, best apple juice I think I’ve ever had and boy was it hot!  Stylish and yummy fish and chips on the wharf pretty much wrapped up our trip in the city, with a final stop in Richmond for some wine – stunning old stone house and lovely owners at Pooleys vineyard.

Didn’t make it to Mona, sacrelige I know!  We’ll just have to go back.

Thank you Hobart.  You were a star.






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