My baby is starting school!

I blinked, and it’s almost school time again.  My eldest starts year 3 tomorrow and a few days after my middle daughter starts Kindergarten.  Arrghh!  Where on earth did that time go?  And I don’t just mean the holidays.  I was dreading them starting in December because we weren’t going away so of course I was bound to be faced with an endless barrage of  “I’m bored, what can we do today?” but the 5 years since Sammy was born has flown as well.  Seriously flown.

I mean, on one hand it’s definitely time for school.  I’ve run out of craft projects , am over day trips, sick to death of sand everywhere and have seen all the movies, but with school comes the routine, especially the painful, painful morning routine.  You know the drill.  Get up far too early, make lunches out of thin air because you forgot to get bread, yell at the kids every 5 minutes “get dressed”, eat your breakfast”, “put on your socks,”, “find your other shoe”, “pack your bag”, “where’s your reader”, “Have you got a hat?” (repeat x 4) until we are running out the door with 5 minutes to get there.  I do a lot of signing in late.

I am hoping though that my experience of school the second time around is going to be slightly smoother than the first.  My daughter Holly, gorgeous as she is, could probably have done with waiting another year.  Socially she was ok, and of course all her friends were going, and I really didn’t want her to have to repeat the same preschool year, but they did warn me that her concentration skills were lacking (i.e. non existent) and she wasn’t too flash hot at looking after her possessions (we lost about 9 hats in the first 3 weeks of school – seriously, where do they all go!!?).  Unfortunately, she’s an April baby – obviously worst time of year to have a baby – who knew!  Although in saying that I now cleverly have 2 April babies and one March.  Good one.

Daughter number 2 however, is not only very social, but can actually concentrate for longer than a minute at a time so I have high hopes.

I’m actually both looking forward to going to school for her first day, and dreading it.  It will be an anxious wait to see what class she is in and if she has any friends with her, but then I can’t wait to look at her excited little face and that proud march off to her room (no hand holding for this one).  There will be tears though.  From me that is.  She’s so little!  I know she can hold her own, but still, I hope she’ll be alright.  There is always some angst isn’t there?  Hope there are no little meanies in her class, will she makes friends ok, will she remember to go to the toilet? At least I don’t have to worry about hats.  As quickly as they disappeared in the first term, they all magically reappeared in the second.   And although we still lose a few, I always bought two as replacements just in case, so we now we have an abundance of the damn things.

Only one to go now!  Although that is a wee way off seeing he turns one in April.  Another April baby.  Sigh.

IMG_2439 IMG_2577IMG_2578IMG_2579


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